Holding it down from the small town of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom is electronic music producer
4Dubz aka Joshua Dunn, this time with his third release on Dubvisadero Records. His latest, entitled “Terror EP” is a four track EP full of pure bass carnage. The title track “Terror” is exactly that. This track attacks with heaviness and attitude right off the bat. The second track “Bang Bang Bang” is another killer tune, with tons of rhythmic stabs and a stomping beat. Upping the BPM on the third track is “The Anti-Christ”. This drum and bass rattler nicely blurs the line between dnb and drumstep, coming in and out of a half-step shuffle. Finishing the EP is “Your Worst Nightmare”. This one is yet another filthy banger in that signature 4Dubz sound. Heavy beats and heavy bass, 4Dubz always delivers!

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4Dubz – Terror EP

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