In April 2016, Beyonce quenched our thirst with Lemonade.

In September 2016, Solange gave us A Seat at the Table.

For the latest, Shanica Knowles in collaboration with Adam Davenport will have everyone on the dance-floor with My Return Address is You.

The Disney alum and latest rising star in the Knowles family has collaborated with writer/producer Adam Davenport for her latest single, My Return Address is You. The track releases January 27, 2017 via Independent Ear Records. Of working with Beyonce and Solange’s cousin, Davenport had nothing but positive feedback: “Shanica is a great talent, a real artist, and I’m very proud of our collaboration. Her voice is intimate and soulful; her phrasing reminds me of Billie Holiday, Alanis Morissette, Florence Welsh in its ability to communicate feeling directly to the listener. She nailed all of the vocal harmonies in one studio session; I wanted the vocal arrangement to have a bit of nostalgia, a sort of throwback to the tight harmonies of a Fleetwood Mac song. Leslie Mills who wrote the topline based on my original lyrics is an Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter from Nashville and as Shanica is breaking new ground in alternative country music, I thought her voice on this track would make the perfect collaboration.”

Regarding the new release, Shanica said: “Music has always been a representation of expressing all things through the power of all sounds. As an artist, it’s always fun for me create something new by dabbling into other genres. Dance music is something I’ve never tried before, so when Adam reached out to collaborate with him on this record, it was hard for me to say no because the song was so inspiring. It’s something the world needs right now because it’s a positive anthem for this generation. I think that the message of this song will really uplift people in a way they haven’t felt in a long time, and just dance.”

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Adam Davenport – My Return Address is You (feat. Shanica Knowles)

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