BOOM! Can we say it’s safe to say Norway is officially on the map? First Kygo, now Matoma! I came across this song browsing the vast Soundcloud library and was instantly engulfed in the massive good vibes this one brings. Here’s what Tom Straete, the 22 year old music producer had to say about this track:

I wanted to make a remix of two incredible songs that helped me through hard times at high school. The flow that biggie delievered always kept me up when I was buried in boring assignments. “I Tried” is a song with a lot of emotion and a lot of good tones, and together with Can I Get Witcha I hope you get a feeling of spring mixed with melodic disco and funk.

We are expecting HUGE things from this guy in the future and are proud to introduce him with this incredible track. Follow up with him on his social outlets below.

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Akon (feat. Bone Thugs N Harmony) – I Tried vs. The Notorious B.I.G – Can I Get Witcha (Matoma Remix)