A collective of anonymous producers going by the name “alas,” have been making a name for themselves on Soundcloud recently, and just released their debut EP on April 29th. Right after the release, we had a chance to sit down with one of their members for their first interview, ever.

What is alas?
That’s a good question. I started alas as a side project, to premier my own music without people knowing it was me. It’s like my sound test account. Then, I told a couple producers, and they were interested in getting involved. Now, a couple months later, we just released an EP, so that’s pretty cool!

What inspired Chapter One, and how would you describe the sound?
Chapter One was actually a solo EP. I had some of the tracks sitting around for a long, long time (the edit of Pierce Fulton’s Kuaga was actually the first thing I ever made in Ableton), and I made some of the other tracks in the past month or two. It sounds cliche, but life inspired me to write the EP. I’ve been busy, and whenever I make music, it’s my creative escape. I poured all of my emotions, stress, and love into this EP, and all of the tracks truly come from the heart. I would say this EP has no genre. There’s an ambient track, a future house track, a funky track, and a couple downbeat instrumentals. So yeah, I’ll stick with the no genre genre.

What’s your favorite track on the EP?
I’ve had friends tell me they love Day 34, and I do too, but “Love” takes the cake. I just love the chords, spacing, drums, and the quiet synth in the background. Yung Amazon is cool also.

What got you into electronic music? How did you become a producer?
The shows got me into electronic music. I had been DJing before I dove fully into the edm scene, then I found Deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff, and I fell in love. I wanted to make the sounds, so I opened Garageband, and tried making music in there for half a year or so. Then, I moved to Ableton.

What do you use to produce music? What would you recommend for artists trying to get their name known in the electronic dance music scene?
I use Ableton Live, and a basic array of plugins (Sylenth1, Massive, Serum, TruePianos, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera). Recently, I’ve seen a lot of artists throwing away their own projects because they’re “not good enough”. Never throw away your projects, no matter what. Back them up with a tool like Splice, and revisit them. You can see how much you’ve improved, and improve the older songs with your new skills.

What are some struggles of being an anonymous producer?
I always want to tell my friends about music I’m making under this name, but I have to be super careful. I’ve slipped a couple times, but I don’t think anyone has noticed.

Do you have plans to play live in the near future? What’s the strangest thing to ever happen to you at your own show?
Yes, definitely! All of the producers involved in alas are DJs as well, and we’d love to do a massive back to back to back to back to back set. Or play something on MIDIs. Or both, That would be cool. The strangest thing to ever happen to me while playing live was definitely this time that a girl threw a mannequin head on stage. It stared directly into my soul for the rest of the set.

What can people expect to see from alas in the near future?
Plenty of new music, shows, collaborations, and a ton more! I can’t give any specific details yet, but keep an eye on our social media outlets, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp!

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alas – “Chapter One” EP

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