Alright, alright, alriiight – looking for something incredibly fresh? Look no further. First, let me introduce you to Alex Biad, a Producer from Austin, TX, who for the last six years has been producing music under a pseudonym. This marks his first release under his own name, after dropping the alias after doing some soul searching and reflecting. Here’s what he had to say about the release as well as his foray back into production:

Long story short, a year back, I decided that I was making music more for other people than I was for myself and that I had become disconnected from why I originally started producing music.

After a long hiatus, I finally feel passionate about what I’m making again, so I’ve decided to discontinue my aliases, start over, and release under my real name.

“Jazz Fiend,” is the first out of seven tunes (so far) that are mastered and ready to go. A song called Promised Land, in addition to a few others, will be out within a month, followed shortly by the rest!

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Alex Biad – Jazz Fiend

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