After a successful run from his last single ‘God’s of This Timeframe’, Amastro is back.

At 21, the Sydney producer has been working with the likes of Paces in order to produce his latest track ‘Running to You’. The song features the one and only Ebony, a Sydney producer and singer. The duo produced their latest single through Stoney Roads and since then has seen this new song top the charts of the Australian Music Scene.

In collaboration with Band Express Australia, the team hit the streets of Sydney in order to create their next major music video. Directed by Alex Tuttle, the video has a certain element of creativity which you will not find anywhere else. With help from the Team Rockit Company dance team, the team was able to create something different to most videos.

Background of the video: Amastro is unlike any typical artist, as he got into music in order to inspire and give hope to a forgotten generation. Through his music he addresses issues such as bullying, mental illness, abandonment and rejection.

The concept of the video is a girl who is chasing after her lover who is slowly starting to disappear. The people in masks are a common theme in all the videos we produce for this artists, as a blank face mask can represent a number of things, usually the demons inside, emotions or even just thoughts of the character. We have left the video open to interpretation, so that who ever watches it can add their owning meaning to it. For some it may be that the boy descended into drugs and the wrong culture, for others it could simply be a break up. Maybe the boy died and the girl is trying to forget, its up to the viewer and what ever resonates with them. Enjoy – Amastro, Ebony, Team Rockit, Alex and the team at BX.

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Amastro – Running to You (feat. Ebony & Team Rockit Company) [Music Video]

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