DailyDoseOfBass is looking to expand and take on new team members to help build our roster. Over the last year and a half we have really begun to see an unprecedented amount of support and interest. We have really focused on the direction we are going to take the website in the future, and hope you’re all ready for the next step. In order for us to accomplish this, we would like the help of some of our fellow readers. We are looking for diverse individuals with various levels of experience to help contribute. This could be anyone ― from the avid creative writer to someone who just loves looking for new music and the scene it’s intertwined with.

Scroll down to read descriptions of the roles available for you to fill in the DailyDoseOfBass community.

To apply use the contact form at the bottom to email us with information about yourself, your interests, why you’d like to work with us and any experience. Please include the position you are applying for in the subject heading. Please note that all positions available are voluntary and unpaid however we do offer school credit where applicable.

DailyDoseOfBass Roles & Positions

Album / EP / Festival / Event Reviewers

Qualities / Responsibilities:

  • Passionate about music
  • Attend events on a regular basis
  • Maintain an active contribution at least once every other week, depending on release schedules & events
  • Use your own personal knowledge to describe unbiased reviews of said albums, EPs, festivals & events
  • Strong grammar, punctuation and writing skills
  • (Specify which you’d like to review, either Albums/EPs or Events/Festivals)

Video Contributor

Qualities / Responsibilities:

  • Passionate about music
  • Enough personal time to stay on top of breaking video releases and post them in a timely matter
  • Be able to find the outlets required to obtain the videos, whether it be via social media or scouring the web

Independent Music Contributor

Qualities / Responsibilities:

  • Passionate about music
  • Enough personal time to stay on top of breaking releases and post them in a timely matter
  • This person will specialize in finding up and coming artists via social media, sound cloud or other avenues and promote them through a write up included with their latest release(s)
  • This position is to post up and coming artists only, we are looking for someone who is always looking for who they believe may be the next big thing on the scene

These are all the current positions we have open at this time, keep checking back for new openings.
If you feel you’re not suited for these email us and propose something different, we’re always open to new ideas.
We want to thank everyone for the continued support and interest.
– DailyDoseOfBass

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