As one of the earliest rap-based adapters to EDM’s festival rise, anything araabMUZIK touches usually hints at some sort of vague relationship to trends in dance, then take a definite erring towards the grittier side of euphoric rap instrumentals. “Summer Time” sounds like it feels, a flip of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” that’s sparse and devoid of the beat-maker’s MPC wizardry, having more of a connection as what could be the opening track of a main stage festival throw down. With For Professional Use Only Pt. 2 officially dropping on July 14, this one sounds exactly like an entirely possible occurrence that will define what summer 2014 will likely be best known for in the future–Cam’ron and Tiesto meet up at a rave. Tiesto exchanges his Guess jacket for Killa Cam’s cape, they share a dap and promptly proceed to turn the hell up.

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