I’d call Ariana Grande my guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel bad for knowing about her career and music. I’m a DAD to these EDM Internets, but I’m also a dad IRL, so Nickelodeon is a channel that I end up watching on a regular basis. I was no real Victorious fan, but my kid loved iCarly, so when Ariana’s Sam & Cat show debuted, it ended up being something I knew about (know about). The fact that Ariana’s got a set of pipes on her, and dwells in that ’90s R&B/pop lane that I followed during middle and high school helps me stay connected to what she’s doing as well. While she’s enjoying more Billboard success with her latest single, “Problem,” which is the first single from her forthcoming second album, which should be out sometime in August or September. We’re loving the fact that the Zedd collaboration that she’s spoken on previously looks to be her next single. Aside from the collaboration and the title (“Break Free”), we don’t have any official audio or word on what it’ll sound like. Ariana has a huge voice, and Zedd’s “Clarity” ran radio for a huge part of 2013, so it’ll be interesting to see how huge this tune could be. We’ll keep you posted.

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