Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets everyone! Last night, Avicii capped off the 2013 MLB post-season by performing a secret show at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City. It’s a fitting bookend, when you consider that Afrojack opened up the season on April 1 at the same spot. MLB executive vice president/business Tim Brosnan was all for Avicii representing a market that the MLB is trying to hit: “If you look, it’s the kind of fan base we want to attract. This is just the physical presence. I mean, we’re going out to millions and millions and millions of people, in the social space, reminding them that the postseason is starting tonight.” We’re assuming Brosnan means the EDM fans who love consuming at huge events, and not the molly ravers that entities like 11 Alive would assume only frequents dance music events. In any case, we’ll add this to the “EDM infesting mainstream culture” debate and move on.

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