Mark this one in the category of “unlikely, yet still amazing.” Baltimore-based club and house producer KW Griff’s in the midst of an incredible streak with his SoundCloud page. Yes, he’s releasing pretty much every great club track he’s renowned for (as well as some very well executed soulful house remixes), but the true winners on the page are his “skate” edits. Sampling a plethora of ’60s and ’70s-era tracks, blending them with bigger drums setting tempos that make them ready for either the skating they’re meant for, or (for an enterprising emcee wanting to step into the world of dance) the kind of rap tracks (like Wyclef Jean hit “We Trying to Stay Alive”) Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis used to make for the Refugee Camp back in the mid-’90s. Griff’s latest skate edit is of composer Bill Conti’s “Philadelphia Morning,” a key element of the soundtrack of the original Rocky film. Already a sample familiar to fans of grimier rap acts like Capone N Noreaga, this version is smooth, yet powerful and definitely a template for where rap and dance could comfortably merge.

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