London born, Artist-Producer, Bionic, releases his debut single cut ‘Change’ featuring popstar Matt Martino.

The captivating record which features esoteric melodic vocals by Matt Martino is bound to be a head turner. The theme is centred around the evolution of a relationship based on authentic personal experiences. Moreover, it is surprising that ‘Change’ isn’t your generic pop song, although it draws upon characteristics from pop music. It benefits from a fresh approach to modern day music.

Bionic’s unusual production style is a major selling point- Bionic surmises this
as ‘A good accident, waiting to happen’. Effectively, the fresh chilled vibe of the song provides some truly memorable, yet eargasmic moments. This track also is elevated by the interplay of a rare blend of artistic talent with Bionic’s impeccable production style on one hand against Matt’s distinctive vocal tone and skill on the other.

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Bionic – Change (feat. Matt Martino)

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