UK powerhouse Bobby Harvey is back with another release, ‘Never Gonna Stop’, which aptly displays his versatility and innate ability to produce a polished, smash hit. Influenced by Drum & Bass, House, UK Garage and Hip Hop, Harvey developed his signature sound over fifteen years, progressing onto Deep and Tech House. Capitalising on his penchant for big baselines and catchy melodies he has released a plethora of tracks, crafted with diverse sounds and styles, and ‘Never Going to Stop’ is a testament to his indisputable calibre.

From the outset, ‘Never Gonna Stop’ launches into a pulsating, deep bass line with a sharp, melodic vocal that glides emphatically throughout the track. Peppered with rhythmic drums, an air of dark, hypnotic beauty hangs over this production, cruising from one infectious hook to another. ‘Never Going to Stop’ demonstrates Harvey’s ability to blend atmospheric undertones with a killer, up-tempo beat, making it a bona fide smash for club goers.

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Bobby Harvey – Never Gonna Stop