The group’s third original release spreads like an ear-pleasing virus. Channeling vibrant tropical house vibes, Booyah Riot’s “2 AM” is a treat for any EDM lover. This lyric-focused track shows a softer side of this Miami-based group. It describes a woman that the guy cannot get off of his mind. Sadly, she only reciprocates the feelings when she has had a few too many. She relies on him for late-night love, but he wants much more of a relationship: “Cause you’re a sight for sore eyes and I can’t keep mine off you.”

Soft keys lead in with crisp vocals that move the song forward. Once the bass drops tropical percussive elements come together for a vibe that can brighten up any room. Vocal manipulation and handclaps send the listener’s mind to a summer pool party.

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Booyah Riot – 2AM

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