Four superbly selected titles from the Genesis album, a Trance Music Album released last July, get a tasty crossover interpretation. Ohmanac (USA), COSMØ (New Zealand), Armage (Russia) and Andres Selada (Colombia) showcase their talents in this release. As they span the globe, these are some of the best Dubstep and Chillout mixes we’ve heard in a long time.

Each track has it’s own unique style, adding to the originality of this release as they are all original productions kept in house. The guitar riffs on “War in Heavens” are absolutely unreal, with precisely timed wobbles to carry the song to that next level. “Protosixti” is a great synth ridden tune with the high intensity needed to run the club at any hour of the night – just as you settle in, the tune unexpectedly flips and takes you on a wild ride. Much as the title suggest, “Ethereal Beings” has a wonderful atmospheric feel to it, which settles in nicely as you come to anticipate the eutrophic feeling it brings upon the senses. And last, but certainly not least, Andres Selada wraps the collection up with his chilled out remix that soothes the soul and mellows you out nicely into oblivion.

This remix collection is available February 23rd, exclusively on!

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Caellus & Camulus – Genesis “Retold”