43 years ago, when asked if he wanted to host another Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, Bethel, NY farmer Max Yasgur responded “as far as I know, I’m going back to running a dairy farm.” Amazingly enough, it should be noted that even in the face of significant public angst, the Woodstock Festival only had one drug-related death and with the release of a documentary film about the festival more than made a profit. However, Max Yasgur thought it a more financially sustainable and socially acceptable move to return to the life of raising dairy cows. How then, in an entirely similar situation, did this summer’s EDM-fests the Electric Zoo Festival and TommorrowWorld escape the chopping block, gain political support, and the appearance of a mainstream stamp of approval for the future of EDM in America? In arguably a case of a nation being more interested in money for survival than being shaken by the presence of fear, areas willing to accept EDM (and the company it apparently willfully keeps) has become the next great development in dance music and culture’s fight for sustainability in the United States.

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