As Krewella’s Yousaf sisters, Nervo, Maya Jane Coles, TOKiMONSTA, Venus X, Gina Turner, Jen Lasher, and more slowly rise to prominence in the midst of EDM’s global rise, the notion that a sea change regarding the evolution of the assumed roles of women as DJs and producers of electronic dance music may be on the rise. Possibly the most significant moment to date in the rise of this idea came on Wednesday evening when HARD promoter Gary Richards stated that he was wanting to do an “all girl performer” event in 2014. Citing venue size for the affair as a limiter to pay, he also stated he’d do the event, but he likely “can’t pay them as much.” For as progressive as we think we have become as a society in advocating for equal rights for women (especially in a culture as seemingly “progressive” as EDM), why is pandering to the cause in a ham-handed manner and not discovering solid and sustainable solutions for equality considered acceptable? In EDM becoming a much more corporate and socially responsible scene, is it time that we disconnect women in the industry and culture of dance music from sexual stereotypes? If so, how is it accomplished, and how do we preserve that notion for the future? Yes, girl, we certainly need a change of mind.

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