Charlie, by way of Rome, Italy started playing acoustic guitar in 2005 at age 17 under instructor Emiliano Majorani. After spending 3 years as a student and 1 year self taught, he’s played with two rock bands and gradually become more and more attracted to Electronic Dance Music. For his latest original production, he’s enlisted Papos Brake for a tune entitled, “Regeneration,” which is a high intensity Progressive beast! Here’s what he had to say about the track below along with the free download link!

I’m always trying to give an original imprinting to stand up among other artists. When I’m in the creative phase of production and composition I prefer to come up with something particular/outstanding even tough it’s not always trendy on the market. In all my pieces I’ve never renounced to use a melodic line as I think it’s a component which can’t be eliminated. In addition to this rule I’m committed to make pieces the more catching as possible by enhancing and updating until they are perfect and complete.

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Charlie Nathan – Regeneration (Feat. Papos Brake)

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