Well… major label Cherub is officially here. And while there’s some differences of opinions floating around the internet on this so far, I’m writing it up for DAD in full support. First off, look at the title. Your debut single from your debut major label album is called “Disco Shit.” Massive points for that from the jump. Second, this is actually a really dope mix of what’s been killing it on the poppy nu disco front in the last year or so with that Cherub flair that immediately sticks in your brain. Seriously, listen to this track three times in a row. Third time I gave it a spin, I started smiling in hopes this thing blows up like it should. This could blow up at modern rock radio. This could blow up with the right video on VH1. This should also make existing fans of the band quite happy, too. Loving this tune already and I can’t wait for the album.

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