Alexandre “Chezmoreau” Descargues is a French-Finnish composer, producer and photographer with roots in classical music as he started singing at the age of six in Cantores Minores, the Choir of Boys and Young Men of Helsinki Cathedral. Later on he was drawn into rock and rhythm music and played most of his teenage years in bands that were formed in high school. In his twenties he pursued a career as founding member, composer and vocalist of Happiness, a Helsinki -based alternative rock band that drew inspiration from a wide diversity of music genres. Paralelly he’s been composing music for short films and other personal projects from classic music to jazz, folk and trip hop. Ever since the beginning and over the years, he’s been following and participating in the electronic music scene mainly as a consumer and now, since late 2017 he’s encouraged himself to create electronic music of his own.

Chezmoreau has never liked to be tied to any specific genre and he never will, at the moment working on an Ambient/Minimal Techno/Tech House album that he plans to release in the beginning of 2019. His latest tune entitled, “Hold and Release” is a transient and genre bending original production that embraces the “aesthetic of failure,” in both a deliberate an intricate way. Chez makes use of glitch-based effects and sonic artifacts, while transferring ownership to and from Techno, in a more traditonal sense. The versatility shown in a production like this excites us in both the originality as well as the vision.

Keep it locked! We can’t wait to see what Chezmoreau releases next!

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Chezmoreau – Hold And Release