Dan Gennaro, better known by his stage name Danny Spade, is an up and coming American music producer and DJ. He is a 23-year-old living in CT. Spade primarily produces progressive electro house and future bass with pop influences.

Currently Danny is focusing all of his time and effort on his debut EP, giving his unique voice a chance to shine. Spade is tedious in his music production, making sure every sound has a distinct place within complex and surprising textures. Several of his upcoming works also feature well-known male and female vocalists from the electronic music scene.

This is just the beginning for Danny Spade as he develops his skills to bring his dynamic, engaging music to the masses. A few contemporary artists that have influenced his musical style are Deadmau5, Seven Lions, BT, Gemini, Blackmill, and Lucky Date.

While awaiting the release of Danny’s debut album, sneak peaks of new songs and information about his daily activities will be available on various social media platforms. Stay tuned for a glimpse of this young emerging artist’s work.

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Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Danny Spade Remix)

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