Moombahton was created when Dave Nada slowed down Afrojack’s “Moombah” from 128BPM to 108BPM, so what does it mean when producers start speeding up moombahton tracks? Well for starters it adds another example of how moombahton is very much alive, but before we digress and open that can of worms again, this idea of speeding up moombahton tracks also translates to super energetic and creative re-works of tracks us moombah-heads already truly love and drop in our sets on the regular. The Rugged DJs from the Netherlands have given us a perfect example of just how energetic and creative they can get by speeding up Corrupted Data’s “Twerk it Out” to 140BPM creating a kuduro track that has this melody that catches you by surprise in the best way around the 1:22 mark. This little breakdown creates a perfect transition to the second drop which traps it out only adding to the diversity of this track. The track is available for free download via the Rugged DJ’s SoundCloud, so download and check out their other tunes as they have some super creative remixes for your enjoyment.

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