On the real, I don’t get too many emails with “Cosmic Cumbia from Argentina” in the subject line. In fact, the email I got from ZZK Records about this new Frikstailers EP is the only one I’ve ever gotten like that. Obviously I opened it up and listened because (DUH) I’m writing about it. And I’ve heard some Frikstailers tunes before, but this Crop Circles EP is kind of the shit. The cosmic description is right on point as this sounds like some interstellar South American riddims from the future. Five full tracks and an intro all equating to awesomeness as this is one of the best global bass releases I’ve heard in some time. Available for a free download as well if you share it on social media via the link below. Kind of a corny way to promote music in my opinion, but this release is totally worth it.

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