CVNT TRAXXX is a producer that’s probably known more for his work in vogue house, but the influence on his latest album Cannabis Kitsch is all over the place. Jungle sounds, juke licks, deep house vibes, trap hats, and Baltimore club loops all intertwine for a massive body of work, and display advanced taste. In a world where people devour music as if it were 30 second commercials, this release has enough subtle changes and variation to keep us on the edge of our seats. It also includes remixes from Traxxx Romay, Vjuan Allure, Doombah, and Slagz. We decided to offer a stream to highlight the lead track, “Super Moon,” but you can feel free to skip past that and click the purchase link, which will redirect you to the free download of this marvelous release courtesy of Knightwerk Records.

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