Why does it feel like we got trolled into watching The Colbert Report? We got ready to watch Daft Punk do whatever Daft Punk was going to do during this year’s Colbchella, yet we end up with… nothing. While we’re not sure how much of this is real or not, Stephen Colbert told a story about how Viacom, which owns both Comedy Central and MTV, made a deal with the androids that MTV would get whatever exclusive appearance Daft Punk would be making first. MTV chose to have Daft Punk appear at next month’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, which means that Daft Punk wouldn’t be on The Colbert Report, therefor we’re watching Comedy Central have Colbert talking about being “Daft Punk’d,” with Ashton Kutcher making a quick cameo. The idea that Viacom wouldn’t let The Colbert Report or Comedy Central know this until the day of the show is pretty absurd. With the Internet and multiple channels of communication, they couldn’t explain this in a better way? Sure, it was funny and if it’s real, Colbert got to express himself, but really? We’re not believing it. And now we have to watch the VMAs!