In 2014, at the age of 25, California native Damien Gibson had a national spot on VANS Warped Tour playing acoustic rap songs after the release of his first EP titled “Make Peace Not War.” He went on to sell almost 1000 physical copies and perform for over 40 dates on the bring it back stage. His latest release entitled, “Gold” accompanied by it’s own music video is a fun, energetic and melodic take on summer’s best times and those that are so good, you wake up in a new car with no recollection. With an acoustic past, it’s apparant that Damien has what it takes to hold his own on a production like this, however with the soulful vibe we can tell this is going to be a staple on our rotation this summer.

Recently boasting a TEDx Performance on his list of accolades is now playing a handful of West Coast dates on the VANS Warped Tour as well. Damien Gibson has released an astounding 12 albums in total, 10 of which were abstract, LO-FI and self produced.
With rumors of a new deal on the table with a San Francisco based record label, Damien Gibson seems to be on the up and up and definitely one to watch out for.

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Damien Gibson – Gold