Daniel D Finney is a producer and electronic musician originally from the UK, now based out of Brisbane, Australia. After nearly ten years performing and recording with various local artists, as well as composition for video games, Daniel decided to embark on his own project and last June released his first solo material.

A Way To Work It Out EP is a voyage into the ambient electronic soundscape featuring a number of collaborations and guest performances. Following the story of how life can fall apart following a mutual breakup and the attempts to piece it back together one step at a time, the music and production takes a winding journey which starts in upbeat dance indie and quickly descends into tumultuous dark electro before climaxing with gritty, urban epic pop.

Having recorded and released this EP not long before relocating to the other side of the world, Daniel is now looking to get out on the road in Australia and start performing shows as well as following up with a second release as soon as possible.

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Daniel D Finney – “A Way To Work It Out” EP

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