This brilliant dance floor collaboration can be contributed to; Dark Intensity, who was honored as “Remixer of the year” by the “The Remix Top 30 Countdown” at Miami Music Week this March and the award winning singer/ songwriter Angelica Joni, whose singles “Weightless” and “Exhale” chartered Billboard’s Top 30 in 2016 and 2017.

The Southern California Native, Dark Intensity, is quickly climbing to the top in the music industry. With several #1 pop charting remixes as well as EDM remix success, Dark Intensity is really making a name for himself. As a DJ, his music is most recognized for its creative hard electro beats, a sound that is greatly influenced by a variety of beats revolving around Electronic Dance, Hard Style, Techno, Trance, Pop and Progressive rhythms. Quickly rising to the ranks, Dark Intensity unique style and sound can be heard globally at clubs, events and across several Radio mix shows, so it’s no question that you’ll instantaneously be allured by the body moving beat of “I’m So Alive”, not to mention the song has powerful vocals from Angelica Joni which are musically captivating yet thought-provoking lyrics.

New York native Angelica Joni, talented singer/songwriter, can be best recognized for her Top 30 Billboard hits “Weightless” and “Exhale” as well as an active Grammy voting member of at the Grammy Recording Academy. As an artist, Angelica continues to grow, not only has she climbed the Billboard charts, she has performed in front of massive crowds including; 2018’s Phoenix Pride opening for Bebe Rexha, and 2017’s Asbury Pride, where Angelica delivered a stunning opening set for Jordan Sparks. Just recently Angelica signed a non-exclusive deal with Meshach Media, joining their exclusive team of singer/songwriters, producers and composers. Coinciding with the release of “I’m So Alive” Angelica is ready to share her musical talent with the world as Believe Management announces this newly signed deal with the anticipation of establishing Angelica’s brand globally amongst TV, Film and all media outlets.

Needless to say, these two talented individual are no strangers to the music industry, in fact they’ve been making their mark for several years now, with great anticipation to reach the top. This being said it’s only a matter of time before this Artist/Dj collaboration of “I’m so Alive” hits the Billboard charts and leaves another memorable mark on the music community.

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Dark Intensity & Angelica Joni – I’m So Alive (Original Mix)

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