Many words, thoughts and emotions (both positive and negative) regarding the Dave Nada-created moombahton sound have been brought to the table in 2013. As the sound enters its fourth year in existence, moombahton has evolved from being Washington, DC’s pride and joy to a global phenomenon. Futhermore, creator Nada has arguably grown as well. The past twelve months have seen the producer touring more frequently than ever before, and as well, get married to fellow DJ and producer Jen Lasher. Somehow, in the midst of a wild and oftentimes tumultuous year, Nada (and by extension, moombahton) has persevered, remained positive and is arguably emerged better from the experience. I had the chance to catch up with Dave and ask a few questions regarding developments in his personal life, in moombahton, and in music overall. As always, Dave is candid, aware and keeping an eye on pushing not just moombahton, but all music, ahead.

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