If you’re not aware of Washington, DC’s DJ Trayze who just made a solid future bass track for the Smithsonian Institution of all organizations, here’s a brief introduction and a few reasons why you should be aware of him.

From being a 2013 Red Bull ThreeStyle DC Champion and runner-up in ThreeStyle’s East Coast finals, DJ Trayze is a 14-year veteran whose skills behind a set of turntables are already the stuff of local legend and national renown. However, as a teacher at the DC-area Beat Refinery, his knowledge of not just DJing, but of Ableton Pro becomes quite apparent. When people ask me about being sustainable while also making music, Trayze is the first guy that comes to mind. He’s holding down a job working behind the decks and breaking down the tools of the trade, and he’ll sometimes even be the guy who gets the crazy corporate gig, or even DJ at Nationals Park before the Washington Nationals take to the baseball diamond. As well, he’s traveled the world, playing in the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean.

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