Gearing up for his Beatport release next week, Figure remixes Deltron 3030’s track, “Upgrade”. Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter! Check what he had to say about the remix below along with the free download and keep your eyes peeled for his release next week.

Deltron 3030 was essential music to me for so long that to have the groups blessing on this remix is more than a honor. Dan The Automator was more than kind enough to send me Del’s studio acapella, and Del gave me the thumbs up on the mix … In short, I am very giddy about this one!

I tried to capture the vibe of the original all while keeping my sound intact. This remix isn’t made for just DJ sets… it’s for the people who grew up on this album like I did and still hold that era up on a pedestal.

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Deltron 3030 – Upgrade (Figure Remix)