It’s no secret that anyone with a budget or a nifty mouse can get a grip of samples via any assortment of online purchasing options. Lex Luger risers, tuned 808s, arpeggiated Rhodes piano leads… the options are truly endless when you just do a quick Google search. The democratic availability of samples has made it so that anyone can be a producer. For electronic music, samples have also become part of it’s aesthetic core. Many of today’s up-and-coming producers reference Justice as a primary influence, noting their inventive use of sampling and way of writing *with* samples – it’s gotten to the point where not using samples in electronic music production has become almost anachronistic. With that said, it’s those with an actual background in musical training, that are going to time and time again come out ahead of the pack. Friends of Friends’ newest signee, Different Sleep, is ahead of the pack.

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