I remember the first time I heard Digitalism’s “Zdarlight” back in 2005 when it dropped on Kitsune. It truly had the internet going nuts even then. Remixes were popping up anywhere and everywhere in the early stages of the free for all web community and it’s infectious electro house bounce was an early influence on so many tracks that have come after it. Fast forward almost a decade later and they now bestow on us “Fahrenheit 32” as a self proclaimed “peace offering.” Basically, these dudes are saying they are hitting a creative zenith in their careers and will be spending a ton of time in the studio grinding away. Sucks for any of those that were looking to catch them live in the near future, but thems the brakes. If this newest slice of tech house peak time bliss doesn’t wet your appetite for what’s to come, I don’t know what else I can really do for you. This sounds everything like a long-term production duo maturing in all the right ways.

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