Now this is an interesting move. For a guy who DJs all over the world, has a weekly show on 1Xtra where he’s either putting us on to new DJs with their own guest mixes or going in the mix himself, and has outlets like Mad Decent and Jeffree’s at his disposal, you wouldn’t think Diplo would need to embark on a new way to put people on to music, right? Far from the case. He recently tweeted out a link to his new “Diplo Approved” SoundCloud, which features reposts of “the best music” that isn’t his. He’s not reposted much (so far), although Moody Good’s Slum Village remix, Emoh Instead’s Say So EP, and other tracks have already been featured. We can assume that, once this page really starts gaining traction, anything Diplo reposts will be getting a major stamp of approval. It might also be telling to see which artists who might have been “unknown” start getting more notice once fans/label heads/DJs realize Diplo approved them.

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