Now THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. Yeah, the idea of a remix album of Disclosure’s Settle had us open, especially when guys like Kaytranada are brought up, but DJ Premier? We truly had no idea what to expect, but being fans of hip-hop, particularly DJ Premier’s work as part of Gangstarr and producing for Nas, Jay Z, and others, it’s weird to ponder what this would actually sound like. He’s worked with Christina Aguilera, sure, going a bit outside of what we “know” of what he’s capable of, but taking on “Latch?” The track that’s arguably the tune that got Disclosure much of their critical acclaim (and helped bridge the gap between the UK and America)? Tall order, but he approaches it in a way that takes things down to a slower clip, but keeps Sam Smith front and center. It feels like it’s built to be late ’80s R&B cut, although one we’d wish was made than something we can put our fingers on. Loving the piano being pushed up as well, and he makes great use of looping someone breathing to give this one an awkwardly awesome feel. You won’t be raving or raging to this one, but that red light better be on when this one gets turnt up.

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