The Italian trio Distopia goes back to the nineties sound made of 909 drum machine and hoover leads: “Tropiganja” is their new high-powered tropical tune, infused with elements from Vogue-beat classic style.

Hailing from Turin in Italy, Distopia, born as a collective, evolves into a trio and starts producing its own music in 2016. They’re now ready to release every single bomb from their archive.

“Tropiganja” is the third banger released on their Soundcloud profile, it combines punchy-drum patterns and pumping basslines with crystalized pluck progressions delivering a real tropical flavour that will kill everyone on the dancefloor. The influences from the B.more and Jersey Club scenes are strong as the compulsive use of the classic ha-sound from the house tune “The Ha Dance” by Master At Work, also present in their previous tracks.

It’s so difficult to place Distopia in some kind of electronic genre, they are part of this new wave of producers who combine different kind of music from the weird world of underground dance. Pressing play and listening to them is the best way to discover how they sound.

Be ready for the next tune by Distopia, that will be released on New Year’s Eve; they have a huge calendar of new releases ready to be launched in 2018 and we’re waiting so hard!

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Distopia – Tropiganja