Raised in the Midwest, Ambi-DXtrous was born with a heart full of creativity and a drive only a handful are blessed to receive. With a unique ear for music and a mind running with ideas, this multi-talented producer is one of a kind. While bringing a unique and new sound to the industry, it’s obvious that this young prodigy isn’t your basic Producer. Sweet Soubrette presented an opportunity to remix songs from their new album, “Burning City,” which was a chance for fans and DJs to collaborate with the band while testing their creativity. This particular contest entry was done by DJ Ambi-DXtrous who is apart of the Multi Platinum Grammy Award winning “Bullets Production Team.” For his rendition, DXtrous chose “Live Wire,” which he then transformed into a progressive electro dance remix. The sampled vocals keep the track in line with the original, however, the build up, drop and rolling bass are all the work of Ambi-DXtrous. For more information, we’ve included the links to stay up to date with DX below.

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DJ Ambi-DXtrous – Live Wire (Ambi’s DX Remix)