Whenever a fast-rising artist like DJ Hoodboi signs to a label, you can bet there’s always going to be a goodie to go with it. In a pretty short amount of time, the California-based producer/DJ went from being an unknown online beat buster to being a festival performer to being a world-class touring artist (he just toured Asia with A-Trak!). Now he’s taking it one step further with his path and signing to Fool’s Gold. Now to celebrate (or at least just keep it movin’), the uber-talented artist has gotten down to business to deliver his new take on the classic Destiny’s Child track, “Bugaboo.” This track features Hoodboi’s signature infectious uptempo skip & groove and brings out just the right amount of cheese to make this a delightfully fun track. Everyone has a bugaboo in their life and the only way to deal with them is to to laugh and dance, so grab this and do just that. No word on when, but expect an EP later this year.

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