The one thing you need for a holiday weekend is some fresh club music for that extra 24 hours of partying… right? DJ Rell has been in overdrive it seems, releasing three new bangers in as many days. If you needed that Jersey club, you know where to find it. His first is a rework of Wale’s “Clappers,” which features vocals from Nicki Minaj and Juicy J and is ready for a twerk contest… trust. The second track, “Cara’s Booty,” is dedicated to the feels he had when he saw his girlfriend’s backside. Can’t be mad at that. The final? A turnt rework of Mike WILL MADE IT’s “23,” because you need a thumping anthem for those cats who are trying to stunt but can’t get like you. All types of turnt for you lot who can’t get enough.

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