It’s always hard to speculate what some artists are working on. You can pretty much track the movements of a number of acts with your eyes closed, but not all artists are Djemba Djemba. He excited us with a remix of AWE’s “Crystals,” and a few days back he posted a 10-minute preview that’s only titled “coma.” What’s “coma?” SOUNDISSTYLE thinks it might be an EP, which could make sense given the different sections that make up this SoundCloud preview. Or maybe this is just it; a 10-minute suite that Djemba Djemba felt like sharing with the world. Whatever the case may be, this shit sounds beautifully epic, and has us hoping that, whatever Djemba Djemba’s movements are, we’ll be privy to the intergalactic bouncy castle sooner rather than later.

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