Already amassing over 100K streams on SoundCloud and becoming somewhat of a viral track even before the official release, “Whatever I Want” features the soft, yet sultry vocal prowess of Lexi Shanley that perfectly complements alongside the pop-infused elements that truly make this song meant for repeated listening.

DOM FORD is a Denver based artist/producer duo that is comprised of Matt Masters and Ryan Griego. The longtime friends and business partners set out on a mission to create music that was true to their roots. Influenced by a wide array of genres, they create music based on authentic stories from their lives that is also relatable to pop culture and society as a whole. Their first single “Whatever I Want” is quickly gaining them recognition as mainstream artists and producers.

The pair found that they had a shared love for music when they formed a startup venture back in 2014. They emerged onto the scene when they won a Spinnin’ Records contest back in March of 2016 with a song title “Bare Knuckles” under their old alias, Covina & Mateo. As they began to travel the world and DJ, their passion to create original music evolved and grew stronger. In Spring of 2017, they decided to stop performing and devote all their efforts into song writing and production. A year and half later, they emerged from the studio with their first single “Whatever I Want” under their new alias, DOM FORD.

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DOM FORD – Whatever I Want (feat. Lexi Shanley)

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