A characteristic sonic identity forged from the iconic UK house sound, Dont Look Now is an artist who has resided in the highest echelons of the dance music scene for over a decade.

With a debut album on Enormous Tunes to follow, Dont Look Now showcases a unique and expertly crafted sound, cast in shimmering melodies and the warm glow of analog basslines, he hits the ground running with the very first single “All Day, All Night”.

Featuring the vocal talents of Tom Tyler providing instant dancefloor and mainstream appeal with his infectious lyrical delivery, trademark piano chords remind listeners why UK house has ruled airwaves for a generation.

Dropping an expertly crafted bassline, an immaculate percussive groove, and dominant kick supply a locked-tight groove with a stamp of real authority. A hypnotic arpeggio sequence and multi-faceted layers of counterpoint melody keep energy high, displaying a plethora of modern production techniques that showcase Dont Look Now at the vanguard of the dance fraternity.

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DONT LOOK NOW – All Day, All Night