Smoker’s Cough is a music collective that’s being headed by New Jersey emcee GDP, and offers a wide array of musical talents from a stacked roster. GDP and Space Jesus release music together as #$ (Hash Money), Space Jesus and Supersillyus have banded together as Schlang, and everyone on Smoker’s Cough is releasing incredible records. Their latest offering is from Australia’s DOS4GW, an incredibly diverse producer that’s put a beautiful instrumental mixtape together to offer up as a free download. “End” is an eerie offering rooted in breaks, and is one of our favorites off of this release. Don’t think the gifts stop here though. DOS4GW’s seven-track album Hendra 3 has six additional tracks, and you can click the “buy” link to get redirected to the “name your own price” Bandcamp set of this amazing recording.

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