France-based, but Latin, Caribbean and rap-influenced producer Douster returns to production under new moniker King Doudou with two new remixes of Aregentinian cumbia acapellas blended with original reggaeton-flavored tracks. Baile Baile’s “Culo” should be familiar to any fan of pre-“suit and tie” era Pitbull, as the track has roots in a 2005 Lil Jon-produced hit of the same name. With a thick cumbia bassline, the track mirrors neither the 2012 refresh nor the Lil Jon production of the same name. Bottom heavy in the best way, it’s certainly meant to cause dancefloors worldwide to become debased and debauched. El Jans’ “El Baile Del Tao” is similarly from 2012, but with a reggaeton flavor instead of the blend with Ace of Bass’ “All That She Wants” that the acapella originally was often used in its early history, it actually has a far more organic feel.

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