Wonky wobbly weird, BOATS just delivered a twenty-track name-your-price album via Bandcamp and I’m just like all about this. Seriously, this came to us via our Facebook page. Though there’s no incredible songwriting with this, the ideas are dope and the sound design tickles. Fans of broken beats, futuristic soundscapes, and psychedelic sound design are sure to enjoy this. I’ve gone through this whole release a few times now and there’s so many good tracks. Some of the records remind me of an instrumental AlunaGeorge, while others remind me of an even weirder Mr. Carmack. Personal standout favorites include (but are not limited to) “Why All Be,” “peace out. pt. 3,” “DROP A TRACK,” and a collaboration with fellow new android Bastien₲ѺѦ₮. The record has been released via Dollops, “an Oakland, CA based collective and label” with a clear taste for the wonky. This LP is really just a shining example of what’s going on right now in the Bay. Don’t sleep on this at all.

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