In case you missed it, we got word over the weekend that Claw, aka 1/2 of Hulk, as well as being a member of Trillbass and Numbergame, passed away. Details surrounding his passing have not hit yet, but the bass music community has been rocked by his death. For those still mourning, let Claw in the mix be how you remember him. Today, his last recorded mix was uploaded, and in typical Claw fashion, it’s a motherfucking scorcher. Recorded for a Numbergame appearance on WaxMuseum Radio, this one runs the gamut; Hulk, MUST DIE!, Bar9, and more are thrown into the set. It’s a look at the gritty, dirty side of the dubstep scene, and one that was only beginning to truly open up. Just peep the tune “Gattaca” by Numbergame and see what I mean. Rest in peace, Claw.

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