Since the untimely passing of DJ Rashad, all of the members of TEKLIFE are picking up the pieces and have been moving forward with force. Taso and Spinn are on a whirlwind tour through Europe, Earl just signed on for bookings through Surefire and is looking to ramp up his performances, and quietly released two freebies in the past month. Taso just released a destructive mix through Lexdray. The flow of content hasn’t slowed one bit, but you wouldn’t know it because the one piece that’s missing (and always has been) for this cornerstone brand is the promotion end of things and solidarity with releases. Enter DJ Taye, who released a preview of a remix of Future’s “Move That Dope” that he and Manny produced, as well as a three-track EP yesterday, TEK x TAR, Vol. 3. The latter is a milky EP that features a collaborative banger entitled “Roll That Shit Up” with Earl. You can stream and snag below, and trust we’ll do our best to round up these legendary records as they come out.

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