If you’re talking influences and history, this Four Tet mix is just for you. This isn’t his first go-round on the Solid Steel show; he’s been contributing mixes to them since 2001. This mix is something special, though. As Four Tet put it, this mix “is made from unofficial edits and mixes. I guess these edits were mainly made to be played in clubs and I’ve always like the tradition of DJs extending and rearranging to make things work in their sets. Most of the edits here are unreleased because they are just tools for DJs really. The Black Unity one was done for the Solid Steel US tour that I did in 2001.” To celebrate being added to the Solid Steel 25th Anniversary night at Fire in London on December 6, the Ninjas handed Four Tet the reigns and let him go hog-wild for this week’s two-hour Solid Steel broadcast. There’s a lot going on in here, from all kinds of funk, soul, and disco-tinged classics to a number of interesting bits. Dive all the way in.

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