Much like many producers who gained a level of renown as early proponents of the moombahton sound, New York City’s MaxX and EJ have reached the point wherein they’re preparing to explore expanding the scope of their production know-how. It should be relatively obvious that people who produce at the tempo of 108-112 BPM certainly have influences that span the sonic (and tempo) spectrum, which is exactly what the steadily rising NYC duo do with this mix. There’s certainly a trend in many producers towards minimal, tech-house friendly sounds, and every attempt is made here to follow trend, but discover a unique lane within that space. Many of MaxX and EJ’s own edits are here (including the DAD-debuted, searing, yet heavy groove of “Shimmy Shake” with Cabo Blanco. Furthermore, tracks include work from the rapidly establishing Main Course camp, the ear-worming remix style of Kaytranada and more.

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Source: DAD