Just a short while ago we spoke with the B0RED L0RD, the de facto leader of RARE NNDUES. Though that conversation covered quite a few different things, we definitely didn’t give you enough on the tuneage. This week, RARE NNUDES unleashed a new compilation in the form of 10-original tracks from the likes of B0RED L0RD himself, BastienGOAT, Oxossi, and a host of names you definitely haven’t heard of. These beats are trippy, twisting, and just TIGHT. I mean, the samples are out of this world and the bouncy bop to these is the kind of thing you might not want to even listen to on your own in your dark room if you aren’t a veteran mind spelunker. These things are deep and wild – be it the the breakneck beats of Jackol’s “Time King” or the blissed out psybience of s o h☯y u n g’s “Chakra” – this whole compilation is worth a gander and then some. Sit back and traverse these interdimensional internet waves.

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